Campaign teaser for








Horrorshow. After Dark feat. Haley Mary.








Fontine. New.








For Nowness. 
Dress Theque. Landslide.








Draped in striped and fringed clothes, treading the earth proudly with a slight jingle and – Flash of Barbarous Ornaments.








An unprecedented quantum event has caused all colours to become interchangeable, except for maroon and turquoise, which now exist in a tenuous détente – Seekae. Forest Fire.








There has been further fallout from the unprecedented quantum event. The earth is now not only flat, but hollow. The moon shines at night from the depths of the Mariana Trench, and saltwater is now Cognac. – Sticky Fingers. Dreamland.













Finally, to fill a four-line space, a poem from Sir Beans, a knighted bean:

Roses are rouge
Violets are bleu
Bananas are jaune
This much is true

[Disclaimer: due to an unprecedented quantum event, this is no longer true.]