RHYS DAY. A GOOD STORY WELL TOLD.                                                                                             

RHYS DAY aka Seamus Ambrose Gobshaw*.

Partner at Q.LEMUEL TEMPLETON (of Motley, Bojangles, Froat, Motley & Roust.)

[From behind a mahogany desk so expansive that most parts of it are actually in every other room in the building.]

*The fossilised imprints of trilobites, anemone, nautili, fern-furls and snail-shells etc can be superimposed, holographically, to resemble the scrawl that a Martian worm might make in the sand as it is reluctantly dying in it. This was discovered by accident, when eminent engineer Seamus Ambrose Gobshaw clumsily knocked over a cake-trolley.


Sydney, Australia

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