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RHYS DAY aka The Oystershellman*.

Partner at Q.LEMUEL TEMPLETON (of Motley, Bojangles, Froat, Motley & Roust.)

[From behind a mahogany desk so expansive that most parts of it are actually in every other room in the building.]

*The Oystershellman, ship’s cook, served a swordfish gruel that he had forgotten to season, and also to provide, having forgotten to add the food. The cook barnacled the hull for a whole longitude until he was accidentally hauled back onboard more robust than ever, to great astonishment and disgust. He took to carrying around a dead salmon that was a receptacle of wisdom by its virtue of having eaten nine hazelnuts in its time. The fish was no longer wise, because it was dead. The crew, as a mob, felt the salmon to be an omen of ill, speculating that it might herald their destruction by a notorious sea-sea serpent, or their being swallowed by a fierce maelstrom, or of their drifting too close to, being lugged toward, and tumbling over that thunderous waterfall at the edge of the world. The Oystershellman was consequently marooned with a flintlock pistol and a solitary lead pellet on a remote archipelago that was towed at a distance behind the ship.


Sydney, Australia

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